Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Vol. 2004(2004), No. 114, pp. 1-21

Generic simplicity of eigenvalues for a Dirichlet problem of the bilaplacian operator

Marcone C. Pereira

In this work we show that the eigenvalues of the Dirichlet problem for the Bilaplacian are generically simple in the set of $C^4$-regular regions.

Submitted April 8, 2004. Published September 29, 2004.
Math Subject Classifications: 35B20, 35J40, 58D19.
Key Words: Generic properties; perturbation of the boundary; bilaplacian.

An addendum was attached on June 30, 2006. The author corrects some typing mistakes found in Section 5: The open interval $(-M,0)$ must be replaced by the closed interval $[-M,0]$ in the following definitions: $G$ in Lemma 5.3 (page 14), $Q$ in Lemma 5.4 (page 16), and $F$ in Theorem 5.5 (page 19).

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Marcone Correa Pereira
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística
Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
email: marcone@ime.usp.br

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