Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Vol. 2006(2006), No. 86, pp. 1-9.

Travelling wave for absorption-convection-diffusion equations

Ahmed Hamydy

In this paper, we use the phase plane method for finding finite travelling waves solutions for the diffusion-absorption-convection equation
 u_t=A(|u_x|^{p-2}u_{x})_x+B(u^n)_x-Cu^q, \quad
  (x,t)\in \mathbb{R}\times \mathbb{R}^{+}.
We show that the existence of solutions which depends on the parameters p, q and n. Also we study the asymptotic behavior of these solutions.

Submitted April 5, 2006. Published August 2,2006.
Math Subject Classifications: 35K55, 35K65.
Key Words: Travelling wave; phase-plane; diffusion; convection; absorption; asymptotic behavior.

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Ahmed Hamydy
Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi
Faculte des Sciences Departement
de Mathematiques et informatique
B. P. 2121 Tetouan, Maroc

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