16th Conference on Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Central Oklahoma,
Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Conf. 07, 2001, pp. 47-59.

A new a priori estimate for multi-point boundary-value problem

Chaitan P. Gupta

Let $f:[0,1]\times \mathbb{R}^2\to \mathbb{R}$ be a function satisfying Caratheodory's conditions and $e(t)\in L^{1}[0,1]$. Let and $a_i\in \mathbb{R}$ for $i=1,2,\dots ,m-2$ be given. A priori estimates of the form
\|x\|_{\infty }\leq C\| x''\|_1, \quad \|x'\|_{\infty }\leq C\|x''\|_1, 
are needed to obtain the existence of a solution for the multi-point boundary-value problem

using Leray Schauder continuation theorem. The purpose of this paper is to obtain a new a priori estimate of the form $\| x\|_{\infty }\leq C\| x''\|_1$. This new estimate then enables us to obtain a new existence theorem. Further, we obtain a new a priori estimate of the form $\| x\|_{\infty }\leq C\| x''\|_1$ for the three-point boundary-value problem

where $\eta \in (0,1)$ and $\alpha \in \mathbb{R}$ are given. The estimate obtained for the three-point boundary-value problem turns out to be sharper than the one obtained by particularizing the $m$-point boundary value estimate to the three-point case.

Published July 20, 2001.
Subject lassfications: 34B10, 34B15, 34G20.
Key words: Three-point boundary-value problem, $m$-point boundary-value problem, a-priori estimates, Leray-Schauder Continuation theorem, Caratheodory's conditions.

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Chaitan P. Gupta
Department of Mathematics
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557 USA
email: gupta@unr.edu   chaitang@hotmail.com

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