Tenth MSU Conference on Differential Equations and Computational Simulations. Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Conference 23 (2016), pp. 189-196.

Positive solutions for 3X3 elliptic bi-variate infinite semipositone systems with combined nonlinear effects

Jinglong Ye, Jaffar Ali

We study the existence of positive solutions to 3X3 bi-variate systems of reaction diffusion equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions. In particular, we consider systems where the reaction terms approach -infinity near the origin and satisfy some combined sublinear conditions at infinity. We use the method of sub-super solutions to establish our results.

Published March 21, 2016.
Math Subject Classifications: 35J25, 35J55.
Key Words: Infinite semipositone; elliptic systems; combined non-linear effect.

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Jinglong Ye
Department of Mathematics
Computer and Information Sciences
Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, MS 38941, USA
email: jinglong.ye@mvsu.edu
Jaffar Ali
Department of Mathematics
Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL 33965, USA
email: jahameed@fgcu.edu

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