Electronic Journal of Differential Equations (ISSN 1072-6691): Instructions to Authors

All topics on differential equations and their applications (ODEs, PDEs, integral equations, delay equations, functional differential equations, etc.) will be considered for publication in Electronic Journal of Differential Equations. The Journal aims to publish peer-reviewed original research papers of high quality (Preference will be given to articles of more than 10 pages). To be published in this journal, an original paper must contain correct, new, and nontrivial results, and appeals to a broad mathematical audience.

Submissions: Please submit the PDF file of your manuscript via email to <ejde@utrgv.edu>. In your message please indicate an EJDE editor to handle your submission, and three possible referees whose areas of research are closely related to the topic of your manuscript. If we do not confirm that your manuscript was received (within two weeks), please send it again to the same email address.

Authors should write their manuscripts in English. We recommend following the guidelines in "How to write mathematics" by Paul Halmos, Enseignement Math. (2) 16 1970 123--152; also in "Writing Mathematical Papers in English, a practical guide" by Jerzey Trzeciak, European Mathematical Society, 1995. Please

Manuscript should be formatted as AMS LaTeX files. Use the command \documentclass{amsart} as shown on page 3 of the User's Guide to AMS-LaTeX, Version 1.1, published by the American Mathematical Society.
Please keep the default page size. Please keep the number of macros (\def, \newcommand) to the minimum possible, please use standard TeX macros rather than your personal macros (i.e., use \omega instead of \om).

Graphics can be included as PNG or JPG or PDF or EPS files. Also using the picture environment in LaTeX. From the main document input figures through the commands \usepackage{graphicx} \includegraphics{fig1}. Please do not use PSFRAG, because pdflatex does not recognize its commands.
The references in the bibliography, should be listed in alphabetical order. For bibtex, use \bibliographystyle{amsplain}.

To aid in dissemination, please include the following: Mathematics Subject Classification numbers, key words, author's e-mail address, and an abstract no longer than twelve lines. Whenever possible use words rather than symbols in the abstract and the title.

Submitting a manuscript is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted elsewhere. If the paper appeared in a preliminary form in a conference proceedings, etc., this must be clearly indicated in a footnote on the title page.

Peer review process: Manuscript will sent to referees (their names remain confidential.) with the statement "The EJDE accepts only original work containing new results (or techniques) that are correct, nontrivial, and of some interest to Mathematicians." Then the managing editors decide on the acceptance/rejection of the manuscript. After acceptance, manuscripts will be modified to agree with our journal style, and the authors will be asked to proofread the final version before posting the article. Authors hold their copyrights. We do not ask for transferring copyrights to the publisher.

Article processing charges: We have no page charges and no access fees, to authors or readers or their institutions.

The authors will be asked to send photograph(s) to be displayed with the abstract. Photographs should be sent as PNG orJPG files. Alternatively, authors can indicate a web page where to find their photographs.

Once articles have been published by the EJDE, no further alteration will be allowed. However, authors may provide additional information by attaching addenda/corrigenda to their articles.

For further information about the EJDE, please contact the managing editors. Zhaosheng Feng: zhaosheng.feng@utrgv.edu, Julio G. Dix: jd01@txstate.edu, Alfonso Castro: castro@math.hmc.edu.

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