Special Issue in honor of Alan C. Lazer. Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Special Issue 01 (2021), pp. 13-21.

Oscillation time and damping coefficients in a nonlinear pendulum

Jaime Arango

We establish a relationship between the normalized damping coefficients and the time that takes a nonlinear pendulum to complete one oscillation starting from an initial position with no velocity. We provide sufficient conditions on the nonlinear restitution force so that this oscillation time does not depend monotonically on the viscosity damping coefficient.

Published October 6, 2021.
Math Subject Classifications: 34C15, 34C25
Key Words: Oscillation time; damped oscillation.

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Jaime Arango
Departmento de Mathemáticas
Universidad del Valle
Cali 76001, Colombia
email: jaime.arango@correounivalle.edu.co

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