Electron. J. Differential Equations, Vol. 2018 (2018), No. 54, pp. 1-12.

Oscillatory behavior for second-order damped differential equation with nonlinearities including Riemann-Stieltjes integrals

Ercan Tunc, Haidong Liu

In this article, we establish new oscillation criteria for forced second-order damped differential equations with nonlinearities that include Riemann-Stieltjes integrals. The results obtained here extend related results reported in the literature, and can easily be extended to more general equations of the type considered here. Two examples illustrate the results obtained here.

Submitted March 17, 2017. Published Februay 22, 2018.
Math Subject Classifications: 34C10, 34C15.
Key Words: Forced oscillation; Riemann-Stieltjes integral; interval criteria; p-Laplacian; nonlinear differential equations.

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Ercan Tunç
Gaziosmanpasa University
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
60240, Tokat, Turkey
email: ercantunc72@yahoo.com
Haidong Liu
Qufu Normal University
School of Mathematical Sciences
273165, Qufu, China
email: tomlhd983@163.com

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