Electronic Journal of Differential Equations

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
Contents of Volume 2024

  1. Shuaishuai Lu, Xue Yang; Stability and rate of decay for solutions to stochastic differential equations with Markov switching, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 01, pp. 1-16.
  2. Zhaowei Lou, Youchao Wu; A KAM theorem for degenerate infinite-dimensional reversible systems, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 02, pp. 1-20.
  3. Jesus Ildefonso Diaz, Tatiana A. Shaposhnikova, Alexander V. Podolskiy; Strange non-local operators homogenizing the Poisson equation with dynamical unilateral boundary conditions: asymmetric particles of critical size, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 03, pp. 1-29.
  4. Yuequn Li, Hui Liu, Fei Guo; Global existence and asymptotic profile for a damped wave equation with variable-coefficient diffusion, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 04, pp. 1-31.
  5. Satoshi Osawa, Hideo Takaoka; Global well-posedness for Cauchy problems of Zakharov-Kuznetsov equations on cylindrical spaces, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 05, pp. 1-25.
  6. Joseph Iaia; Existence of two infinite families of solutions for singular superlinear equations on exterior domains, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 06, pp. 1-14.
  7. Sandra Pinelas, Osman Tunc, Erdal Korkmaz, Cemil Tunc; Existence and stabilization for impulsive differential equations of second order with multiple delays, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 07, pp. 1-18.
  8. Boris P. Belinskiy, Tanner A. Smith; Optimal mass of structure with motion described by Sturm-Liouville operator: design and predesign, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 08, pp. 1-19.
  9. Philip Korman; Necessary and sufficient condition for existence for a case of eigenvalues of multiplicity two, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 09, pp. 1-8.
  10. Kexue Li; Ground state solutions for fractional Kirchhoff type equations with critical growth, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 10, pp. 1-14.
  11. Dumitru Motreanu, Elisabetta Tornatore; Dirichlet problems with anisotropic principal part involving unbounded coefficients, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 11, pp. 1-13.
  12. Guoping Zhang, Ghder Aburamyah; Global attractor and l^p solutions to initial value problems of discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equations complex potential, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 12, pp. 1-19.
  13. Lucio Boccardo, Jesus Ildefonso Diaz, David Gomez-Castro; Failure of the Hopf-Oleinik lemma for a linear elliptic problem with singular convection of non-negative divergence, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 13, pp. 1-16.
  14. Uberlandio B. Severo, Bruno H. C. Ribeiro, Diogo de S. Germano; Existence of solutions to quasilinear Schrodinger equations with exponential nonlinearity, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 14, pp. 1-14.
  15. Eduardo Arias, Marco Calahorrano, Alfonso Castro; A biharmonic equation with discontinuous nonlinearities, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 15, pp. 1-9.
  16. Lulu Wang, Qiaozhen Ma; Uniform attractors of non-autonomous suspension bridge equations with memory, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 16, pp. 1-16.
  17. Jaime E. Munoz Rivera, Carlos A. da Costa Baldez, Sebastiao M. S. Cordeiro; Signorini's problem for the Bresse beam model with localized Kelvin-Voigt dissipation, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 17, pp. 1-24.
  18. Lixia Wang, Pingping Zhao, Dong Zhang; Existence of high energy solutions for superlinear coupled Klein-Gordons and Born-Infeld equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 18, pp. 1-11.
  19. Bo Zhang, Wei Zhang; Localized nodal solutions for semiclassical Choquard equations with critical growth, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 19, pp. 1-37.
  20. Jichao Zhang, Shangquan Bu; Maximal regularity for fractional difference equations of order 2<alpha<3 on UMD spaces, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 20, pp. 1-17.
  21. Yang Li, Guiling Chen; Existence of periodic solutions and stability for a nonlinear system of neutral differential equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 21, pp. 1-21.
  22. Jiangwei Zhang, Zhe Xie, Yongqin Xie; Asymptotic behavior of solutions to nonclassical diffusion equations with degenerate memory and a time-dependent perturbed parameter, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 22, pp. 1-27.
  23. Jin Tu, Huizhen Wei; Form of solutions to quadratic trinomial partial differential equations with two complex variables, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 23, pp. 1-26.
  24. Moez Ayachi, Syed Abbas; P-mean (mu1,mu2)-pseudo almost periodic processes and application to integro-differential stochastic evolution equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 24, pp. 1-26.
  25. Yue Gao, Xue Yang; Periodic solutions in distribution for stochastic lattice differential equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 25, pp. 1-15.
  26. Hong Yan Xu, Goutam Haldar; Entire solutions to Fermat-type difference and partial differential-difference equations in C^n, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 26, pp. 1-21.
  27. Chen Liang, Lixu Yan, Yongqiang Fu; Existence of solutions to stochastic p(t,x)-Laplace equations and applications, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 27, pp. 1-18.
  28. Waseem Ghazi Alshanti; Solutions of linear and non-linear partial differential equations by means of tensor product theory of Banach spaces, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 28, pp. 1-8.
  29. Zhouji Ma, Xiaojun Chang, Zhaosheng Feng; Normalized ground state of a mixed dispersion nonlinear Schrodinger equation with combined power-type nonlinearities, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 29, pp. 1-20.
  30. Yuanlin Ding, Kui Liu; Properties of the solutions to periodic conformable non-autonomous non-instantaneous impulsive differential equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 30, pp. 1-22.
  31. Xue Zhou, Xiangqing Liu; Nodal solutions for nonlinear Schrodinger systems, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 31, pp. 1-13.
  32. Joao Pablo Pinheiro da Silva, Edcarlos Domingos da Silva; Existence of semi-nodal solutions for elliptic systems related to Gross-Pitaevskii equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 32, pp. 1-9.
  33. Yang Hua, Xiaojie Lin, Jiang Liu, Haixia Lu; Dynamics of traveling waves for predator-prey systems with Allee effect and time delay, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 33, pp. 1-19.
  34. Jose Vanterler da C. Sousa, Mariane Pigossi, Nemat Nyamoradi; Existence and multiplicity of solutions for fractional differential equations with p-Laplacian at resonance, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 34, pp. 1-17.
  35. Lan-Ling Zheng, Hui-Sheng Ding; Massera type theorems for abstract non-autonomous evolution equations, Vol. 2024 (2024), No. 35, pp. 1-11.

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