Electronic Journal of Differential Equations

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
Contents of Volume 2007

  1. Radhanath Rath, Prayag Prasad Mishra, Laxmi Narayan Padhi; On oscillation and asymptotic behaviour of a neutral differential equation of first order with positive and negative coefficients, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 01 pp. 1-7.
  2. Yan Liu, Changhao Lin; Structural stability for Brinkman-Forchheimer equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 02 pp. 1-8.
  3. Ruhao Song, Haishen Lu; Positive solutions for singular nonlinear beam equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 03 pp. 1-9.
  4. Hua Wang; Global well-posedness of the Cauchy problem of a higher-order Schrodinger equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 04 pp. 1-11.
  5. Yunming Zhou, Hua Su; Positive solutions of four-point boundary-value problems for higher-order with p-Laplacian operator, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 05 pp. 1-14.
  6. Eleni Bisognin, Vanilde Bisognin, Octavio Paulo Vera Villagran; Stabilization of solutions to higher-order nonlinear Schrodinger equation with localized damping, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 06 pp. 1-18.
  7. Carlos Matheus; Global well-posedness of NLS-KdV systems for periodic functions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 07 pp. 1-20.
  8. Ondrej Kreml, Milan Pokorny; A regularity criterion for the angular velocity component in axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 08 pp. 1-10.
  9. Qiaoluan Li, Haiyan Liang, Wenlei Dong, Zhenguo Zhang; Existence of non-oscillatory solutions to higher-order mixed difference equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 09 pp. 1-10.
  10. Gaihua Gui, Zhiting Xu; Oscillation criteria for second-order neutral differential equations with distributed deviating arguments, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 10 pp. 1-11.
  11. Mondher Damak, Aref Jeribi; On the essential spectra of matrix operators and applications, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 11 pp. 1-16.
  12. Ai-Lian Liu; Boundedness and exponential stability of solutions to dynamic equations on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 12 pp. 1-14.
  13. Yongkun Li, Guoqiao Wang, Huimei Wang; Positive periodic solutions of neutral logistic equations with distributed delays, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 13 pp. 1-10.
  14. Mohamed Denche, Amara Guerfi; Boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations with matrix coefficients containing a spectral parameter, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 14 pp. 1-9.
  15. Zu-Chi Chen, Yan-Yan Zhao; Viscosity solutions to degenerate diffusion problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 15 pp. 1-6.
  16. Dandan Yang, Hongbo Zhu, Chuanzhi Bai; Positive solutions for semipositone fourth-order two-point boundary value problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 16 pp. 1-6.
  17. Andras Domokos; Weighted function spaces of fractional derivatives for vector fields, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 17 pp. 1-8.
  18. Zhihong Zhao, Yuantong Xu, Yongjin Li; Existence and uniqueness of travelling wavefronts for a bio-reactor equations with distributed delays, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 18 pp. 1-11.
  19. Douglas R. Anderson, Christopher C. Tisdell; Third-order nonlocal problems with sign-changing nonlinearity on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 19 pp. 1-11.
  20. Xuemei Zhang; Positive solutions for a class of nonresonant boundary-value problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 20 pp. 1-10.
  21. Eduardo Hernandez M.; Existence of solutions for a second order abstract functional differential equation with state-dependent delay, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 21 pp. 1-10.
  22. Seshadev Padhi, Chuanxi Qian; We establish sufficient conditions for the linear differential equations of fourth order, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 22 pp. 1-5.
  23. Hanying Feng, Meiqiang Feng, Ming Jiang, Weigao Ge; Multiple positive solutions for fourth-order three-point p-Laplacian boundary-value problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 23 pp. 1-10.
  24. Justin Holmer; Local ill-posedness of the 1D Zakharov system, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 24 pp. 1-22.
  25. Ahmed Lakmeche, Abdelkader Lakmeche, Mustapha Yebdri; Positive solutions of a nonlinear problem involving the p-Laplacian with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 25 pp. 1-7.
  26. Tadie; Sturmian comparison results for quasilinear elliptic equations in $R^n$, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 26 pp. 1-8.
  27. Eric R. Kaufmann, Youssef N. Raffoul; Periodicity and stability in neutral nonlinear dynamic equations with functional delay on a time scale, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 27 pp. 1-12.
  28. Gabriela Planas; Existence of solutions to a phase-field model with phase-dependent heat absorption, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 28 pp. 1-12.
  29. Aurel Diamandescu; On the $\Psi$-conditional asymptotic stability of the solutions of a nonlinear Volterra integro-differential system, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 29 pp. 1-13.
  30. Thomas Bieske; A comparison principle for a class of subparabolic equations in Grushin-type spaces, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 30 pp. 1-9.
  31. Mahdi Boukrouche, Domingo A. Tarzia; On a convex combination of solutions to elliptic variational inequalities, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 31 pp. 1-10.
  32. Sergiu Aizicovici, Simeon Reich, Alexander J. Zaslavski; Stability of convergent continuous descent methods, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 32 pp. 1-6.
  33. Mariappan Chandrasekaran; Nonlocal Cauchy problem for quasilinear integrodifferential equations in Banach spaces, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 33 pp. 1-6.
  34. Yanbin Sang, Huiling Xi; Positive solutions of nonlinear m-point boundary-value problem for p-Laplacian dynamic equations on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 34 pp. 1-10.
  35. Ahmed Dakkak, Mohammed Hadda; Eigencurves of the p-Laplacian with weights and their asymptotic behavior, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 35 pp. 1-7.
  36. Vadim Z. Tsalyuk; Stability of linear functional differential systems with multivalued delay feedback, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 36 pp. 1-14.
  37. Luka Korkut, Mervan Pasic; On a class of nonlinear variational inequalities: High concentration of the graph of weak solution via its fractional dimension and Minkowski content, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 37 pp. 1-21.
  38. Raquel Crescimbeni, Liliana Forzani, Alejandra Perini; A new proof of Harnack's inequality for elliptic partial differential equations in divergence form, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 38 pp. 1-12.
  39. Diane Denny; Existence and uniqueness of global solutions to a model for the flow of an incompressible, barotropic fluid with capillary effects, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 39 pp. 1-23.
  40. Angelo B. Mingarelli, Kishin Sadarangani; Asymptotic solutions of forced nonlinear second order differential equations and their extensions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 40 pp. 1-40.
  41. Anvarbek M. Meirmanov, Sergey A. Sazhenkov; Generalized solutions to linearized equations of thermoelastic solid and viscous thermofluid, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 41 pp. 1-29.
  42. Alexandru Kristaly; A double eigenvalue problem for Schrodinger equations involving sublinear nonlinearities at infinity, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 42 pp. 1-11.
  43. Li Xia, Zhengan Yao; Positive solutions for a class of singular boundary-value problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 43 pp. 1-5.
  44. Chuangxia Huang, Yigang He, Lihong Huang; Almost sure exponential stability of delayed cellular neural networks, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 44 pp. 1-6.
  45. John R. Graef, Johnny Henderson, Bo Yang; Positive solutions of a nonlinear higher order boundary-value problem, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 45 pp. 1-10.
  46. Bing Xiao, Hong Zhang; Convergence behaviour of solutions to delay cellular neural networks with non-periodic coefficients, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 46 pp. 1-7.
  47. Hakim Boumaza, Gunter Stolz; Positivity of Lyapunov exponents for Anderson-type models on two coupled strings, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 47 pp. 1-18.
  48. Nguyen Thanh Long, Le Xuan Truong; Existence and asymptotic expansion of solutions to a nonlinear wave equation with a memory condition at the boundary, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 48 pp. 1-19.
  49. Svetlin G. Georgiev; Positive periodic solutions for the Korteweg-de Vries equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 49 pp. 1-13.
  50. Kelin Li, Zuoan Li, Qiankun Song; Behavior of impulsive fuzzy cellular neural networks with distributed delays, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 50 pp. 1-16.
  51. Duc Trong Dang, Ngoc Lien Tran; Regularization of a discrete backward problem using coefficients of truncated Lagrange polynomials, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 51 pp. 1-14.
  52. Pham Ngoc Boi; Existence of $\psi$-bounded solutions for nonhomogeneous linear differential equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 52 pp. 1-14.
  53. Hongtao Xue, Zhijun Zhang; A remark on ground state solutions for Lane-Emden-Fowler equations with a convection term, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 53 pp. 1-10.
  54. Ahmed Youssfi; Existence of bounded solutions for nonlinear degenerate elliptic equations in Orlicz spaces, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 54 pp. 1-13.
  55. Youssef Ayyad, Mircea Sofonea; Analysis of two dynamic frictionless contact problems for elastic-visco-plastic materials, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 55 pp. 1-17.
  56. Mohamed Denche, Abderrahmane Meziani; Boundary-value problems for second-order differential operators with nonlocal boundary conditions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 56 pp. 1-21.
  57. Aris S. Tersenov; Sufficient conditions for nonexistence of gradient blow-up for nonlinear parabolic equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 57 pp. 1-12.
  58. Mu Chen, Zhiting Xu; Interval oscillation of second-order Emden-Fowler neutral delay differential equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 58 pp. 1-9.
  59. Chenghua Gao; Existence of solutions to p-Laplacian difference equations under barrier strips conditions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 59 pp. 1-6.
  60. Waldemar D. Bastos, Carlos A. Raposo; Transmission problem for waves with frictional damping, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 60 pp. 1-10.
  61. Jianqing Chen, Boling Guo; Blow-up solutions for N coupled Schrodinger equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 61 pp. 1-10.
  62. Pierluigi Benevieri, Alessandro Calamai, Massimo Furi, Maria Patrizia Pera; Forced oscillations for delay motion equations on manifolds, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 62 pp. 1-5.
  63. Yun Chen, Baoqiang Yan, Lili Zhang; Positive solutions for singular three-point boundary-value problems with sign changing nonlinearities depending on $x'$, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 63 pp. 1-9.
  64. Tetsutaro Shibata; Asymptotic shape of solutions to the perturbed simple pendulum problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 64 pp. 1-11.
  65. Marcus A. Khuri; Local solvability of degenerate Monge-Ampere equations and applications to geometry, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 65 pp. 1-37.
  66. Salah A. Khafagy, Hassan M. Serag; Maximum principle and existence of positive solutions for nonlinear systems involving degenerate p-Laplacian operators, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 66 pp. 1-14.
  67. Arij Bouzelmate, Abdelilah Gmira, Guillermo Reyes; Radial selfsimilar solutions of a nonlinear Ornstein-Uhlenbeck equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 67 pp. 1-21.
  68. Jerome Coville; Maximum principles, sliding techniques and applications to nonlocal equations, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 68 pp. 1-23.
  69. Kenneth J. Brown, Tsung-Fang Wu; A fibering map approach to a semilinear elliptic boundary value problem, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 69 pp. 1-9.
  70. Yitao Yang; Existence of positive pseudo-symmetric solutions for one-dimensional p-Laplacian boundary-value problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 70 pp. 1-6.
  71. Mayumi Sakata; Convergence of generalized eigenfunction expansions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 71 pp. 1-19.
  72. Mugen Huang, Weizhen Feng; Oscillation of second-order nonlinear impulsive dynamic equations on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 72 pp. 1-13.
  73. Shuang-Hong Ma, Jian-Ping Sun, Da-Bin Wang; Existence of positive solutions for nonlinear dynamic systems with a parameter on a measure chain, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 73 pp. 1-8.
  74. Tetsutaro Shibata; Inverse spectral problems for nonlinear Sturm-Liouville problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 74 pp. 1-10.
  75. Kenneth L. Kuttler; Dynamic frictional contact for elastic viscoplastic material, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 75 pp. 1-20.
  76. Qingying Hu, Hongwei Zhang; Blowup and asymptotic stability of weak solutions to wave equations with nonlinear degenerate damping and source terms, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 76 pp. 1-10.
  77. Li Liu, Xiangao Li, Kejun Zhuang; Bifurcation analysis on a delayed SIS epidemic model with stage structure, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 77 pp. 1-17.
  78. Mohammed Benlahsen, Abdelilah Gmira, Mohammed Guedda; On singular solutions of a magnetohydrodynamic nonlinear boundary layer equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 78 pp. 1-15.
  79. Faiz Ahmad; Degeneracy in the Blasius problem, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 79 pp. 1-8.
  80. Jaita Pankaj Sharma, Raju K. George; Controllability of matrix second order systems: A trigonometric matrix approach, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 80 pp. 1-14.
  81. Petr Tomiczek; Second order ODE; Dirichlet problem; variational method; critical point, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 81 pp. 1-3.
  82. Stanislas Ouaro, Hamidou Toure; Uniqueness of entropy solutions to nonlinear elliptic-parabolic problems, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 82 pp. 1-15.
  83. Saada Hamouda; Iterated order of solutions of certain linear differential equations with entire coefficients, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 83 pp. 1-7.
  84. Yasmina Nasri; An existence result for elliptic problems with singular critical growth, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 84 pp. 1-6.
  85. Shigeo Tarama; Energy estimate for wave equations with coefficients in some Besov type class, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 85 pp. 1-12.
  86. Jacek Gulgowski; Bernstein approximations of Dirichlet problems for elliptic operators on the plane, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 86 pp. 1-14.
  87. Ezequiel R. Barbosa, Marcos Montenegro; A note on extremal functions for sharp Sobolev inequalities, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 87 pp. 1-5.
  88. Kejun Zhuang; Periodic solutions for a stage-structure ecological model on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 88 pp. 1-7.
  89. Baotong Cui, Xuyang Lou; Global robust dissipativity of integro-differential systems modelling neural networks with time delay, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 89 pp. 1-12.
  90. Ji-Hong Zhao, Pei-Hao Zhao; Infinitely many weak solutions for a p-Laplacian equation with nonlinear boundary conditions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 90 pp. 1-14.
  91. Shigeki Matsutani; Reality conditions of loop solitons genus $g$: hyperelliptic am functions, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 91 pp. 1-12.
  92. Hongliang Tu, Changhao Lin; Continuous dependence for the Brinkman equations of flow in double-diffusive convection, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 92 pp. 1-9.
  93. George Dinca, Pavel Matei; Variational and topological methods for operator equations involving duality mappings on Orlicz-Sobolev spaces, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 93 pp. 1-47.
  94. Francois Batola, Jomo Batola; Integral representation of a solution of Heun's general equation, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 94 pp. 1-11.
  95. Da-Bin Wang; Three positive solutions for p-Laplacian functional dynamic equations on time scales, Vol. 2007(2007), No. 95 pp. 1-9.
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